Dr. Evangelos Topakas

Professor, NTUA


Scopus ID: 6603178486
Contact details:
tel:+30 210 7723264, email: vtopakas@chemeng.ntua.gr
Work address: National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering
9 Iroon Polytechniou Str, Zografou Campus, GR-15772


Dr. Topakas holds a distinguished degree in Chemistry from Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, and earned his Ph.D. in Industrial Biotechnology from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2004. His academic journey includes impactful roles such as a Research Associate at the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and the Biotechnology Laboratory at NTUA. In 2010, he served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Chalmers University, followed by his appointment as a Lecturer in January 2012 and subsequent promotions to Assistant Professor in November 2014 and Associate Professor in July 2019. As of December 2023, he holds the prestigious position of Professor in Industrial Biotechnology at the School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes, NTUA. Since March 2015, Dr. Topakas has concurrently served as a Visiting Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Division of the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Natural Resources Engineering at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. This dual role has expanded his collaborative efforts and enriched his experiences in Northern Europe.

Dr. Topakas is at the forefront of industrial enzyme discovery, focusing on utilizing residual biomass for 2nd generation liquid biofuels and high-value compounds within the realm of Biorefineries. His innovative approach involves employing conventional and modern omics technologies, along with Genetic and Protein Engineering tools, to investigate and modify biocatalytic systems in bacteria and fungi for the production of energy, chemicals, and materials from waste biomass. Notably, his recent work involves leveraging knowledge from plant cell wall degrading enzymes to combat plastic pollution by converting and upcycling synthetic polymers. His interdisciplinary research activities transcend conventional boundaries, requiring collaboration among engineers, biochemists, molecular biologists, and physicists. Dr. Topakas excels in orchestrating diverse talents to achieve common goals, a skill honed through his extensive experience in academia, where he has supervised researchers at the BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. levels.

Till December 2023, Dr. Topakas has co-authored and contributed to 35 National and European Research Programs. His prolific research output includes over 170 refereed publications in International Scientific Journals and Book chapters, presented in more than 300 International and National Conferences. Impressively, over 100 researchers have collaborated with him, showcasing his ability to successfully interact with diverse personalities and educational backgrounds. Beyond his research contributions, Dr. Topakas assumes leadership roles as the Editor-in-Chief for Biotechnology for the Environment (Springer Nature) and the Biocatalysis section of Catalyst (MDPI). He also serves as an Associate Editor for Biotechnology for Biofuels (Springer Nature), Frontiers in Biotechnology and Bioengineering -Section of Industrial Biotechnology (frontiers), and Frontiers in Microbiology – Section of Systems Microbiology (frontiers).

At the helm of the Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis group (IndBioCat), Dr. Topakas leads a pioneering research group inspiring young Chemical Engineers and Biologists in the field of Bioeconomy.