Koar Chorozian



Koar Chorozian
PhD Candidate
Contact Information
phone:+30 210 7723158
email: kchorozian@chemeng.ntua.gr

Research Interests
Research at the field of biotechnology and enzymology. Utilization of
hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes for biomass degradation.
Education and Work Experience

Research Assistant
School of chemical engineering
National and Technical University of Athens

PhD Environmental Microbiology 2020-2023
Biotechnology Laboratory Faculty of Science
National and Technical University of Athens
Thesis: Utilization of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of high
added-value products using novel enzymatic systems.

MSc Biology; Microbial Biotechnology 2016-2019
National Kapodistrian University of Athens,
Athens, Greece

BSc, Biology 2011-2016

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Publications List
5. Zerva A., Chorozian K, Mohammadi M, Topakas E. (2022) Transxylosylation of stevioside by a novel GH39 β-xylosidase, and simultaneous valorization of agroindustrial byproducts, Food and
Bioproducts Processing S0960-3085(22)00114-6
4. Chorozian, K., Karnaouri, A., Karantonis, A., Souli, M., Topakas E. (2022) Characterization of a dual cellulolytic/xylanolytic AA9 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase from Thermothelomyces
thermophilus and its utilization toward nanocellulose production in a multi-step bioprocess. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 10, 27, 8919–8929.
3. Karnaouri, A., Chorozian, K., Zouraris, D., Karantonis, A., Topakas, E., Rova, U., &  Christakopoulos, P. (2022) Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases as powerful tools in enzymatically assisted preparation of nano-scaled cellulose from lignocellulose. Bioresour
Technol. 345, 126491.
2. Zerva, A., Chorozian, K., Kritikou, A.S., Thomaidis, N.S., Topakas, E. (2021) β-Glucosidase and β-galactosidase-mediated transglycosylation of steviol glycosides utilizing industrial byproducts. Front. Bioengineer. Biotechnol. 9, 685099
1. Evangelinos Μ., Martzoukou Ο, Chorozian Κ., Amillis S., and Diallinas G.,* (2016) BsdABsd2 dependent vacuolar turnover of a misfolded version of the UapA transporter along the secretory
pathway: prominent role of selective autophagy.